BL-800 Violin


Product Code: Vln BL-800
Tone: Bright, exceptional projection and penetrating power
Finish: Italy Red, highly-flamed
Top: European Spruce – Natural Dried for 15 years or above
Back: European Maple – Natural Dried for 15 years or above
Bridge: Milo Stamm Royal – Germany
Tailpiece: JxT Pernambuco
Pattern: Andrea Guarneri / Antonio Stradivarius
Strings: Pirastro Evah Pirazzi with Optima Goldbrokat E string
Perfect for: Professionals/ Soloists
Availability : In Stock

Following the craftsmanship of the BL-700 series, the BL-800 series is crafted using further aged spruce and maple. We highly recommend its clear, strong voice, that is of mature character, resonant and rich in overtones. Due to the special demanding dryness of wood source, only a few of BL-800 violins can be crafted every year.


The BL-800 series violins are copies of Guarneri 1743 “II Cannone”, Guarneri 1742 “Lord Wilton” and Stradivarius 1716 “Messiah”.



4/4, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4

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