WY-150 Solidwood Beginner Cello


Product Code: Vlc WY-150
Tone: Balanced, clear
Finish: Bright golden-yellow
Top: Spruce – Natural Dried
Back: Maple – Natural Dried
Bridge: Regular Bridge
Tailpiece: Ultralight carbon composite with 4 fine-tuners
Pattern: Antonio Stradivari
Strings: Luminous (HK) cello strings
Perfect for: Fiddles, beginners, school programs, student
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The emergence of the WY-150 solid wood cello is intended for beginner’s ego are studying to pursue tone color. DCM team believes the quality of your first instrument greatly affects your learning experience. To ensure every user has the most enjoyable learning experience, from the body to accessories such as the bridge have been carefully selected and adjusted. These ensure the WY-150 cello can produce a crystal clear tone that can be easily controlled.


1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 4/4

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