WY-230 Solidwood Violin


Product Code: Vln WY-230
Tone: Balanced, sweet
Varnish: Golden brown with light flames
Top: Spruce – Natural Dried for 5 years or above
Back: Maple – Natural Dried for 5 years or above
Bridge: Regular bridge
Tailpiece: Ultralight carbon composite with 4 fine-tuners
Model: Antonio Stradivari
Strings: Luminous (HK) violin strings
Perfect for: Beginner, school programs students
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The WY-230 violin features a top and back made of air-dried spruce and maple aged for over five years. This results in a stable wood structure with enhanced durability. With its gentle and rich resonance, the WY-230 produces a balanced and sweet tone.

WY-230 considers that beginners may not have precise control over tuning the pegs. Therefore, each string on the tailpiece is equipped with fine tuners, allowing beginners to easily achieve the desired pitch.

The pegs are made of ebony, ensuring durability and stability in tuning.

The height and curvature of the bridge are designed to be suitable for beginners, providing a comfortable playing experience and facilitating better control over finger placement on the strings.


4/4, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4

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