WY-400 Viola


Product Code: Vla WY-400
Tone: Bright, Penetrating
Finish: Brownish antique, light flamed
Top: Spruce – Natural Dried for 10 years or above
Back: Maple – Natural Dried for 10 years or above
Bridge: Aubert A – France
Tailpiece: Ebony
Pattern: Antonio Stradivari
Strings: Thomastik Vision
Perfect for: Advanced student
Availability : In Stock

WY-400 hand-carved advanced viola are made with sincere that they have excellent penetration power. Their marvelous response is capable of expressive solo playing.

Every WY-400 viola is fitted with Vision Viola Stings and they are designed to impress with a focused and brilliant tone; a perfect combination with the WY-400 advanced viola.


11", 12", 13", 14", 15", 15.5", 16", 16.5"

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