BL-300 Cello


產品號碼: Vlc BL-300
音色: 全面,穿透
油漆風格: Antique, reddish light flamed
面板: 雲杉木–天然風乾8年或以上
背板: 楓木–天然風乾8年或以上
琴碼: 普及琴馬
拉弦板: POSITION – 韓國
琴型: Antonio Stradivari
弦線: Luminous (HK) 大提琴弦線
適合人士: 進階
供應情況 : 有貨

The BL-300 cello are popular with teachers and players as a reliable, affordable for the advancing students. The cello has a great power and clear with plenty of projection. 響應迅速,易於拉奏。



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